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American Academy of Audiology

 Academy of Doctors of Audiology

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

International Society of Audiology

Audiology Foundation of America

Consumer Information

Audiology Awareness Campaign

MedlinePlus/National Institutes of Health (NIH) - What is a hearing exam?

Audiology Online

Digital Hearing Aids: Current "State-of-the-Art" American Speech-Hearing-Language Assoc.

Assistive Technologies: What are Assistive Listening Devices? American Speech-Hearing-Language Assoc.

Children's Hearing

The Children's Hearing Institute

Educational Audiology Association

Children's Books on Hearing Loss

Arizona School for the Deaf (Tucson Campus)

Kids and Cochlear Implants: Getting Connected

Occupational Hearing Loss and Conservation

Noise in the Workplace and Hearing Loss

National Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders (NIH) - Noise-Induced Hearing Loss - Hearing-Impaired in the Workplace - Employer Guidelines

American Hearing Research Foundation  

Military Audiology Association

Hearing Research

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Hearing Enhancement (funded by US DOE)

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